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As You Think You Are Membership

As You Think You Are Membership

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Identifying All or Nothing Thinking

As codependents, our options melt away and fixation or compulsion takes over the thinking process.

Addiction, and its many forms.

Can you identify with your life being "unmanageable".  In any way?  Like for example, if it's food....let's look at it as a relationship.  Does food command your attention?  Does it try to manipulate you?  Do you feel controlled by it?  Do you feel like, if you could, you would walk away from it and never look back?  If so, then you would benefit from this lesson!  (PS: Insert anything in the place of 'food' in the above description and ask yourself those questions!) 

I truly believe we are all "addicted" to something and for some of us, more than one thing. I have defined it for me this way: Whatever I turn to instead of staying with and easing into the emotion at the time, I'm using to numb out; not feel.  If I can't 'stay with' my current emotion or a triggering thought and I 'use' something other than turning to God or journaling then I'm seeking outside of me what can only be found inside of me. 

Phew!  That's a whole lot of info.

Hang on.

Let's go.

I'll walk you through it!

Identifying the Committee

In a book I contributed to, I share what the Committee is and how it got there.  It's all in the programming of our Subconscious mind.  Which is complete by age 7.  

Understanding Perfectionism

In this lesson, we start to understand that shame and abandonment are two of the most identifiable traits of a dysfunctional home, and these set us up to seek perfection.

Identifying Control

Fear is at the root of this toughened element of our personality. We either seek control or we feel controlled by others. Control affects our choices and our thinking.

Discussing Homeostasis

Homeostasis is our 'set point'. This is our normal.  Your normal and mine are likely different but both are "right". 

In this lesson we see how Homeostasis plays a role in the reprogramming of our subconscious mind. 


Resistance is futile!  I used to watch Star Trek back in the 1990's as reruns after tucking my kiddos into bed at night.  There was a species called the Borg.  "They" were a collective.  Of ONE mind.  Their slogan was; "Resistance is Futile!" 

What we resist, persists. 

Energy Therapy History

Are you a newbie to the world of Energy Healing?

I used to think it was hoakie woo-woo! 

Today, I embrace whole heartedly.  I've seen miracles happen.  It's really that good.

Interested now?

Stress, Anxiety and Hypervigilance

Stress, Anxiety and Hypervigilance: The BIG Three!

We attempt to disarm angry or scary people with approval-seeking behaviors. When we do this, it causes stress in our bodies. We give up some (a lot) of our identity when we engage in these behaviors. We believe that we will be safe and never abandoned if we are ‘nice” and if we never show anger. 

Can you relate to any of this?

Energy Soup

In this lesson, I discuss how your subconscious mind was programmed using the analogy of soup cooking on the stove. As well as how you bring the people you do into your world. 

Be prepared to likely be surprised!

Peaceful Protocol

All About Money

This is part of the "As You Think You Are Membership" All About Money

The Triangle and Umbrella

The Triangle and Umbrella


Boundaries: The definition, an understanding, and why we need to know this for peace.

Deliberate Story

The Role of Repetition in Programming

The Role of Repetition in Programming

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